17 de Abril de 2014

Summer Vibes

Pics + Biquinis =
Sofia by Vix Collection 2013


" But I guess ultimately what scares me about marriage is where do you find this person ? You know a lot of times, most successful relationships, people meet through work, school, mutual friends. But what's most interesting to me is when people just meet in life, just randomly. You know, I have a friend, he got married, I asked him like "Hey, uh, where'd you meet your wife?" He was like "I was leaving Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was looking for my car - I drive a gray Prius. I saw a different gray Prius, I thought it was mine, I walked up to it, I realized I had the wrong car, but I bumped into Carol, we started talking, that was that". That's unbelievable. Think about all the random factors that had to come together to make this one moment possible - this one moment that changed these two people's entire lives: First off, this guy has to live in this particular town. Then he has to get a gray Prius. Then he has to need to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond. Then he has to go to that particular Bed, Bath & Beyond. Then there has to be another guy who also lives in town, also drives a gray Prius, also needs to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond, also goes to that particular Bed, Bath & Beyond at around the same time. Then they have to both park somewhat near each other, my friend has to leave before the other guy leaves, see the wrong Prius, think it's his, walk up to it. Then the woman, Carol, needs to be near the wrong gray Prius for a million other random reasons. They bump into each other, they start talking, their entire lives are changed. That's the most amazing and terrifying thing about life. It is, cause the amazing thing is that at any moment, any one of us can have that moment that totally changes our lives. You could be leaving the show tonight, bump into someone.. it could change your life. You don't know, that could happen. The terrifying thing is.. what if we're all supposed to be at Bed, Bath & Beyond right now ? " - Aziz Ansari, Buried Alive

15 de Abril de 2014

Ále by Alessandra Ambrósio


(Alé for Planet Blue)

PB: What was your favorite thing about living in Brazil? ále: Besides the happiness I felt and friendships I came away with, I love that I was always surrounded by nature, the air is so pure.  There is a simplicity to the way of life there that is very peaceful.

PB: How were you discovered as a model? How did you start working at VS? ále: I always dreamt of becoming a model. I participated in the Elite Model Look Contest in Brazil. Afterwards, I started working as a model in Brazil and eventually moved to the US to work with Victoria’s Secret in 2000. They originally hired me as a fit model for the show. I didn’t imagine I would be walking in their show, but after trying on every outfit, the VS team decided I should participate ! I was beyond happy.

PB: What was your inspiration behind this collection? ále: The collection is really a reflection of how I like to dress and live my everyday life, whether I'm going to work, to a party or just being a Mom. I like to be casual and comfortable, but always sexy. In Brazil, we like to show our sensuality, so while the silhouettes from my collection are simple, they are always cut to highlight that sensuality.

PB: What's the one piece of advice you would give girls aspiring to be like you? ále: Believe in yourself and never give up.